Ben Jaderberg


Ben Jaderberg


Staff Research Scientist, Quantum Computing


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Daresbury, England


Ben Jaderberg joined IBM Research in October 2023 and is a member of the UK Quantum Computing team. His research involves developing quantum algorithms and running them on the real IBM Quantum hardware to solve problems in quantum physics, chemistry and machine learning. Due to the noisy nature of these devices, much of his research focuses on reducing the overhead of quantum algorithms by using HPC to solve parts of the problem that are classically tractable.

Ben obtained a PhD in Quantum Computing from the University of Oxford in 2022. Part of this research included the development of a new quantum circuit compiler, the application of which to simulating quantum materials won the IBM Quantum Awards: Open Science Prize 2021. During his PhD, Ben was also a research intern in the IBM Yorktown Quantum Applications team.


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