Antonio Córcoles


Antonio Córcoles


Head of Quantum + HPC, Principal Research Scientist


IBM Research - Yorktown Heights Yorktown Heights, NY USA


I am currently a Principal Research Scientist at IBM Quantum, leading the integration of HPC and Quantum computing. I joined IBM in 2010 and during this time I have worked on various aspects of quantum information processing with superconducting qubits, including materials, gates, and readout, as well as more generally on quantum validation, verification and benchmarks, quantum error correction, and quantum machine learning.

Prior to joining IBM, I earned my PhD in physics at Royal Holloway University of London, working with Professor John Saunders on superfluid 3He in restricted geometries. After completing my PhD, I moved to the Cavendish Laboratory, UK, as a postdoctoral researcher where I worked with Professor Sir Michael Pepper on hyperfine interactions in quantum wires.



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Maika Takita

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