Julian Kuehnert


Julian Kuehnert


Research Scientist


IBM Research - Africa Nairobi, Kenya


Julian is a Research Scientist at IBM Research Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. He is part of the Climate & Sustainability initiative, working with climate impact models for improved decision making. His current research interests focus around boosted calibration of model parameters using Bayesian optimization frameworks and uncertainty estimation in dynamical systems using Machine Learning approaches.

Prior to joining IBM Research in 2020, Julian studied Geophysics and received his PhD in 2019 from the IPGP in Paris, France, where he worked at the interface of computational and environmental seismology.

If you want to get a personal glimpse into Julian's life at the research lab in Nairobi, you can listen to his conversation with Jon Lenchner and Victor Akinwande on the "On Not Knowing" podcast, available on Spotify and Audible.


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