Ishwar Singh


Ishwar Singh


IBM Research - Almaden San Jose, CA USA


As a Research Scientist at IBM, I apply my knowledge in Chemistry and over 9 years of research experience to design, synthesize, and characterize novel molecules and materials for various applications, such as inhibitors for area selective deposition, packaging materials, and monomers for surface grafted polymers. I have a strong background in synthetic chemistry, surface engineering, and characterization techniques, such as SEM, FT-IR, ellipsometry, MALDI-TOF, NMR, XPS, and Raman spectroscopy.

I have successfully delivered on multiple surface engineering projects for clients, exceeding their expectations and generating revenue of more than $2 million. I have also authored more than 12 peer-reviewed articles in top journals in the field of chemistry and materials science, and I have been part of multiple invention disclosures, with two submitted for patent grant. I am passionate about developing innovative solutions for nanoelectronics, packaging materials, and surface engineering, and I enjoy working collaboratively on diverse interdisciplinary teams.


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