Grady Booch


Grady Booch


IBM Fellow; Chief Scientist for Software Engineering


IBM Research No City, HI USA


Grady Booch is Chief Scientist for Software Engineering at IBM Research where he leads IBM’s research and development on embodied cognition. Having originated the term and the practice of object-oriented design, he is best known for his work in advancing the fields of software engineering and software architecture. A co-author of the Unified Modeling Language _(_UML), a founding member of the Agile Alliance, and a founding member of the Hillside Group, Grady has published six books and several hundred technical articles, including an ongoing column for IEEE Software and IEEE Spectrum. Grady was also a trustee for the Computer History Museum. He is an IBM Fellow, an ACM Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, has been awarded the Lovelace Medal and given the Turing Lecture for the BCS, and was named an IEEE Computer Pioneer for his work in software architecture.

Grady has served as an architect or architectural mentor for a multitude of complex software-intensive systems across many domains around the world, including finance, transportation, defense, commerce, productivity, government, medical, gaming, animation, software development, artificial intelligence, and many others.

His current work encompasses three area: helping architect a large complex system of national strategic importance; growing an organization to bring IBM back to space; working with a team of neuroscientists to better understand the architecture and design patterns of the mind.

Grady is also developing a major transmedia documentary for public broadcast on the intersection of computing and the human experience: _Computin_g.





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