Lior Horesh


Lior Horesh


Senior Manager, Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science


IBM Research - Yorktown Heights Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Dr. Lior Horesh is a Principal Research Staff Member, Master Inventor and a Senior Manager of the ‎Mathematics of AI group at IBM Research. His group’s mission is to approach some of the big ‎challenges the field of AI is facing, from a principled mathematical angle. This involves conceiving ‎and bringing in state-of-the-art mathematical theories, algorithms and analysis tools, in hope of ‎advancing fundamentally generalizability, scalability and interpretability of AI.

Additionally, Dr. Horesh ‎holds an adjunct Associate Professor position at the Computer Science department of Columbia ‎University where he teaches graduate level Advanced Machine Learning and Quantum Computing ‎courses. Dr. Horesh Received his Ph.D. in 2006 from UCL and joined IBM in 2009.

Dr. Horesh's research ‎work focuses on algorithmic and theoretical aspects of tensor algebra, numerical analysis, simulation ‎of complex systems, inverse problems, non-linear optimization, experimental design, machine learning, quantum ‎computing and the interplay between first principles models and AI in the context of symbolic scientific discovery.



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