Elton Soares


Elton Soares




Advisory Software Engineer


IBM Research - Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I am a software engineer and AI researcher with over 7 years of professional and academic experience in the research and development of web, mobile, and desktop applications for multiple domains, including Oil & Gas, Transportation, and Finance. My main software engineering skills are back-end development with NodeJS/Python/Java and front-end development with NodeJS/Typescript/Angular. In my latest work experience, I have contributed to (1) the development of a Seismic Interpretation Advisor (SIA) for GALP; (2) the development of Hyperknowledge services, applications, and open-source libraries; (3) the publication of multiple research articles in high impact national and international conferences, and journals. In the academy, I have also published open-source projects and multiple national and international research articles of high impact, which allowed me to received multiple honors and awards. I am a team-oriented person that enjoys discussing solutions and helping the team achieve collective goals through knowledge exchange and collaboration. My main interests include software engineering, knowledge representation & reasoning, machine learning, neuro-symbolic integration, intelligent transportation systems, and financial management.





A lineage data management system for tracking data in hybrid cloud deployments.

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