Viviane Torres Da Silva


Viviane Torres Da Silva


Senior Research Scientist, Manager


IBM Research - Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


My research career began in 2004 when I finished by PhD. at PUC-Rio (Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro). In the sequence I went to Universidad Complutense de Madrid to do a three years post-doc. In 2009, I became a professor at UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense at Niterói, Rio de Janeiro) where I stayed till 2015. I joined IBM Research Brazil, in October 2015, where I have been working with Software and Knowledge Engineering. At IBM I participated in projects with clients such as Galp and Gazprom Neft, in working groups such as Computer Science Council, TLC Brazil, VISTA 2022 and published papers and patents together with my colleagues. I am current a Senior Research Scientist at IBM and an ACM Senior Member.





Sustainable Replacements for PFAS

We're addressing the environmental and human health impact of PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ by accelerating the discovery of sustainable replacements and improved capture materials.

Accelerator Technologies

We're developing technological solutions to assist subject matter experts with their scientific workflows by enabling the Human-AI co-creation process.

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