David McKay


David McKay


Manager, Principal Research Staff Member - Experimental Quantum Computing


IBM Research - Yorktown Heights Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Currently I am a manager and principal research scientist in our quantum computing group primarily working on topics related to gate optimization and quantum characterization. I am also involved in our C2QA NQI collaboration (https://www.bnl.gov/quantumcenter/) and ARO Quantum Characterization of Intermediate Scale Systems (QCISS) program. Formerly, I was the technical lead for Qiskit Ignis and helped formulate the specifications for Qiskit and OpenPulse.

Prior to joining IBM in 2015, I was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago in Prof. David Schuster's lab from January 2013 to December 2014 researching circuit quantum electrodynamics. In July 2012 I received my PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign under the supervision of Prof. Brian DeMarco (co‐supervised with Prof. Joseph Thywissen at the University of Toronto). The main topic of my thesis work was to utilize ultracold atoms in optical lattices to investigate properties of the Bose and Fermi Hubbard models.



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