Dave Braines


Dave Braines


CTO Emerging Technology, IBM Research, UK


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Hursley, England


Dave Braines is the Chief Technology Officer for Emerging Technology, IBM Research UK and previously held the post of Industry Technical Area Leader for the Distributed Analytics and Information Science International Technology Alliance (DAIS ITA) research program.  He is a Technical Specialist - Thought Leader, and Distinguished Technical Specialist as well as a Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS)

Dave is a versatile technical specialist with a long history of high-profile successful client-facing research and project delivery. His experiences range from: Principal research investigator, lead technical specialist and architect roles on large services engagements in the Telco, Transportation and Utilities sectors; Directing multidisciplinary research teams from leading academic and industry partners as part of two 10 year US/UK research programmes with a combined value of $180M; Delivery of numerous first-of-a-kind experimental projects fusing research capabilities with current technologies for a variety of clients. Most recently he specialises in artificial intelligence, deep learning, explanation and conversational interactions and has a long research history in knowledge representation, semantics, language and cognitive systems. Dave is continues active research in these fields and is pursuing a part-time PhD at Cardiff University. He regularly publishes collaborative conference and journal papers, as well as delivering experimental capabilities within IBM and for clients.

Dave is active in the IBM community, mentoring a number of colleagues, acting as a reviewer for the IBM professional certification programme and reviewing and ranking patent applications from colleagues.  He has coauthored over 100 publications, and a number of patents, since 2006.





Auto-omics for healthcare and drug discovery

An automated explainable bioinformatics and AI workflow for multi-omic, clinical and experimental data, applied to healthcare and drug discovery problems.

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