CSCW 2017
Conference paper

Zaturi: We put together the 25th hour for you. Create a book for your baby

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We introduce Zaturi, a system enabling parents to create an audio book for their babies by utilizing micro spare time at work. We define micro spare time at work as tiny fragments of time with low cognitive loads that frequently occur at work, such as waiting for an elevator. We show that putting together micro spare time at work helps a working parent (1) build a tangible symbol conveying his/her thoughts to the beloved baby and (2) develop his/her own feelings of parental achievement without compromising regular working hours. Zaturi lets the parent immediately be aware of micro spare time and provides a crafted interface to seamlessly record the book piece by piece, so that the baby can enjoy listening to the book recorded in the parent's own voice. Through an extensive design process, we characterize the notion of micro spare time and build a working prototype of Zaturi. We also report parents' perceptions and family reactions after a twoweek deployment.