Wurtzite InP microdisks: From epitaxy to room-temperature lasing

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Metastable wurtzite crystal phases of conventional semiconductors comprise enormous potential for high-performance electro-optical devices, owed to their extended tunable direct band gap range. However, synthesizing these materials in good quality and beyond nanowire size constraints has remained elusive. In this work, the epitaxy of wurtzite InP microdisks and related geometries on insulator for advanced optical applications is explored. This is achieved by an elaborate combination of selective area growth of fins and a zipper-induced epitaxial lateral overgrowth, which enables co-integration of diversely shaped crystals at precise position. The grown material possesses high phase purity and excellent optical quality characterized by STEM and µ-PL. Optically pumped lasing at room temperature is achieved in microdisks with a lasing threshold of 365 µJ cm-2. Our platform could provide novel geometries for photonic applications.