APS March Meeting 2023

Ubiquitous Stick-Slip Motions: from Tribology, Biosensing to Carbon Capture

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Contact and friction are omnipresent and play essential roles in the physical world, ranging from the tectonic earthquake along fault lines to the nanoscale antibody-antigen recognition. Besides the well-known steady-sliding of any two contacting objects (e.g. with lubrication), many interfacial lateral motions are in the nonequilibrium stick-slip fashion that in general can cause surface damages and thus should be avoided. Theoretically, stick-slip motions occur when the shear velocity is slow and the interfacial interaction is strong, as described in the Prandtl-Tomlinson model. In this talk, I will present molecular dynamics (MD) studies for ubiquitous stick-slip phenomena in various developed/developing nanotechnologies, such as the motion of an AFM tip on a solid surface [1], the transport of biological molecules (DNA or proteins) through nanopores [2,3], and the capture of $ {CO_2} $ into solid sorbents with open metal sites [4]. These works highlight the possibility of taking the advantage of stick-slip motions in development of novel nanotechnologies.


05 Mar 2023


APS March Meeting 2023