MICRO 2020
Conference paper

Thymesisflow: A software-defined, HW/SW co-designed interconnect stack for rack-scale memory disaggregation

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With cloud providers constantly seeking the best infrastructure trade-off between performance delivered to customers and overall energy/utilization efficiency of their data-centres, hardware disaggregation comes in as a new paradigm for dynamically adapting the data-centre infrastructure to the characteristics of the running workloads. Such an adaptation enables an unprecedented level of efficiency both from the standpoint of energy and the utilization of system resources. In this paper, we present - ThymesisFlow - the first, to our knowledge, full-stack prototype of the holy-grail of disaggregation of compute resources: Pooling of remote system memory. Thymesis-Flow implements a HW/SW co-designed memory disaggregation interconnect on top of the POWER9 architecture, by directly interfacing the memory bus via the OpenCAPI port. We use ThymesisFlow to evaluate how disaggregated memory impacts a set of cloud workloads, and we show that for many of them the performance degradation is negligible. For those cases that are severely impacted, we offer insights on the underlying causes and viable cross-stack mitigation paths.