Christian Pinto


Christian Pinto


Staff Research Scientist - Next Generation Systems and Cloud


IBM Research Europe - Ireland Dublin, Ireland


I joined the Next Generation Systems and Cloud at IBM Research Europe (Ireland Lab) in 2017. My research activities are focused on novel cloud computing paradigms, and applications of distributed systems and cloud computing concepts to the field of Artificial Intelligence. In the past I have been involved in research on virtualization, mostly applied to KVM, and parallel programming applied to multi- and many-core computing systems. My interests include also a fascination about the low-level close-to-the-hardware building blocks of computing systems, and their interfaces with the Operating System.

I hold a Ph.D. in Computers and Electronic Engineering from University of Bologna, received in 2015. I hold a M.Sc. from the same university (2010) and a B.Sc. from University of Catania (2017), both in Computers Engineering.





Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure

Revolutionizing datacenter infrastructure towards unprecedented flexibility and low environmental impact.

Simplified and Performant Access to Data in the Cloud

Reducing friction for scientific and foundation model workflows in Kubernetes.

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