CHI 2022
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Telling Stories from Computational Notebooks: AI-Assisted Presentation Slides Creation for Presenting Data Science Work

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Creating presentation slides is a critical but time-consuming task for data scientists. While researchers have proposed many AI techniques to lift data scientists' burden on data preparation and model selection, few have targeted the presentation creation task. Based on the needs identified from a formative study, this paper presents NB2Slides, an AI system that facilitates users to compose presentations of their data science work. NB2Slides uses deep learning methods as well as example-based prompts to generate slides from computational notebooks, and take users' input (e.g., audience background) to structure the slides. NB2Slides also provides an interactive visualization that links the slides with the notebook to help users further edit the slides. A follow-up user evaluation with 12 data scientists shows that participants believed NB2Slides can improve efficiency and reduces the complexity of creating slides. Yet, participants questioned the future of full automation and suggested a human-AI collaboration paradigm.


28 Apr 2022


CHI 2022