SPIE Advanced Lithography 2011
Conference paper

Self-assembly patterning for sub-15nm half-pitch: A transition from lab to fab

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Directed self-assembly is an emerging technology that to-date has been primarily driven by research efforts in university and corporate laboratory environments. Through these environments, we have seen many promising demonstrations of forming self-assembled structures with small half pitch (<15 nm), registration control, and various device-oriented shapes. Now, the attention turns to integrating these capabilities into a 300mm pilot fab, which can study directed self-assembly in the context of a semiconductor fabrication environment and equipment set. The primary aim of this study is to create a 300mm baseline process of record using a 12nm half-pitch PS-b-PMMA lamellae block copolymer in order to establish an initial measurement of the defect density due to inherent polymer phase separation defects such as dislocations and disclinations. © 2011 SPIE.