ICSOC 2017
Conference paper

RISE: Resolution of Identity Through Similarity Establishment on Unstructured Job Descriptions

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Identity resolution of job description involving cross organizational data would go a long way in addressing several high valued business problems. Job data normalization/sanitation, automated creation of better job descriptions with context preference, description reuse and validation across different sources, semantic classification of jobs, routing of candidates to suitable jobs across different organization etc. are some of the business centric functionalities that can be efficiently built by resolving job description identities. Job descriptions are highly unstructured with free flow textual data consisting of lines describing important attributes of job requirements, like education, skills, experience, role, responsibility etc. Much of the problem is due to the highly unstructured nature of job descriptions. Further, the attributes that are representative of the information in a job description are not readily available from the description. Thus, the process of resolution involves deep data cleansing, classification, attributes identification, and building highly scalable similarity detection algorithms. In this paper, we propose RISE - that uses values of attributes in the underlying job description data and similarity observed in the attributes to resolve identities across organizations. It proposes classification followed by similarity establishment processes that eventually provides high quality of resolution. Through extensive experiments performed on corpus of job descriptions from several real world recruitment systems, we demonstrate that RISE can resolve the identities with high precision and recall.