ICCD 2015
Conference paper

Resilient mobile cognition: Algorithms, innovations, and architectures

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The importance of the internet-of-Things (IOT) is now an established reality. With that backdrop, the phenomenal emergence of cameras/sensors mounted on unmanned aerial, ground and marine vehicles (UAVs, UGVs, UMVs) and body worn cameras is a notable new development. The swarms of cameras and real-Time computing thereof are at the heart of new technologies like connected cars, drone-based city-wide surveillance and precision agriculture, etc. Smart computer vision algorithms (with or without dynamic learning) that enable object recognition and tracking, supported by baseline video content summarization or 2D/3D image reconstruction of the scanned environment are at the heart of such new applications. In this article, we summarize our recent innovations in this space. We focus primarily on algorithms and architectural design considerations for video summarization systems.