Rapid turnaround scanning probe nanolithography

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Scanning probe nanolithography (SPL) has demonstrated its potential in a variety of applications like 3D nanopatterning, 'direct development' lithography, dip-pen deposition or patterning of self-assembled monolayers. One of the main issues holding back SPL has been the limited throughput for patterning and imaging. Here we present a complete lithography and metrology system based on thermomechanical writing into organic resists. Metrology is carried out using a thermoelectric topography sensing method. More specifically, we demonstrate a system with a patterning pixel clock of 500kHz, 20mms - 1 linear scan speed, a positioning accuracy of 10nm, a read-back frequency bandwidth of 100 000line-pairss- 1 and a turnaround time from patterning to qualifying metrology of 1min. Thus, we demonstrate a nanolithography system capable of implementing rapid turnaround. © 2011 IOP Publishing Ltd.