EDBT 2012
Conference paper

Private-HERMES: A benchmark framework for privacy-preserving mobility data querying and mining methods

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Mobility data sources feed larger and larger trajectory databases nowadays. Due to the need of extracting useful knowledge patterns that improve services based on users' and customers' behavior, querying and mining such databases has gained significant attention in recent years. However, publishing mobility data may lead to severe privacy violations. In this paper, we present Private-HERMES, an integrated platform for applying data mining and privacy-preserving querying over mobility data. The presented platform provides a two-dimension benchmark framework that includes: (i) a query engine that provides privacy-aware data management functionality of the in-house data via a set of auditing mechanisms that protect the sensitive information against several types of attacks, and (ii) a progressive analysis framework, which, apart from anonymization methods for data publishing, includes various well-known mobility data mining techniques to evaluate the effect of anonymization in the querying and mining results. The demonstration of Private-HERMES via a real-world case study, illustrates the flexibility and usefulness of the platform for supporting privacy-aware data analysis, as well as for providing an extensible blueprint benchmark architecture for privacy-preservation related methods in mobility data. © 2012 Authors.