ICDCS 2023
Conference paper

PASE: Pro-Active Service Embedding in the Mobile Edge

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Mobile edge computing offers ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, and high reliability. Thus, it can support a plethora of emerging services that can be placed in close proximity to the user. One of the fundamental problems in this context is maximizing the benefit from the placement of networked services, while meeting bandwidth and latency constraints. In this study, we propose an adaptive and predictive resource allocation strategy for virtual-network function placement comprising services at the mobile edge. Our study focuses on maximizing the service provider's benefit under user mobility, i.e., uncertainty. This problem is NP-hard, and thus we propose a heuristic solution: we exploit local knowledge about the likely movements of users to speculatively allocate service functions. We allow the service functions to be allocated at different edge nodes, as long as latency and bandwidth constraints are met. We evaluate our proposal against a theoretically optimal algorithm as well as against recent previous work, using widely used simulation tools. We demonstrate that under realistic scenarios, an adaptive and proactive strategy coupled with flexible placement can achieve close-To-optimal benefit.