Dean Lorenz


Dean Lorenz


Research Scientist.


IBM Research - Israel Haifa, Israel


I am an interdisciplinary system architect and innovator with hands-on experience in system analysis, modeling, design, integration, and implementation. I have a Ph.D. in EE, specializing on QoS routing, with focus on graph algorithms and dynamic programming. I have very strong learning, research, and architectural capabilities; and a proven track record of quickly understanding complex systems, solving hard problems, and providing novel solutions. My work history covers: Cloud technologies (including, virtual networks, auto-scaling, SDN, resource optimization) Android on Qualcomm platforms (in particular, mobile device security, networking, and browser-technologies); E-Commerce (including SAAS environments, Solr search); Virtualization technologies (including VM image library & life-cycle management, relocation enablement, storage virtualization, clouds); advanced Copy Services (focusing on IBM's FlashCopy); Group Services (including membership services and high availability); Grid Computing (including grid services, web-services, and gridFTP); and Content Distribution Networks (including load balancing, QoS, and parallel processing). Specialties: Architecture, Innovation, Algorithms

Current and Prior Positions

Research Scientist
8/2014 - Present



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