Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology

Nonperturbative renormalization of domain wall fermions: Quark bilinears

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We find the renormalization coefficients of the quark field and the flavor nonsinglet fermion bilinear opera tors for the domain wall fermion action, in the regularization independent (RI) renormalization scheme. Ou results are from a quenched simulation, on a 163x32 lattice, with β=6.0 and an extent in the fifth dimensior. of 16. We also discuss the expected effects of the residual chiral symmetry breaking inherent in a domain wall fermion simulation with a finite fifth, dimension, and study the evidence for both explicit and spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking effects in our numerical results. We find that the relations between different renormalization factors predicted by chiral symmetry are, to a good approximation, satisfied by our results and that systematic effects due to the (low energy) spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking and zero modes can be controlled. Our results are compared against the perturbative predictions for both their absolute value and renormalization scale dependence.