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The QCDOC Project

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The QCDOC project has developed a supercomputer optimised for the needs of Lattice QCD simulations. It provides a very competitive price to sustained performance ratio of around $1 USD per sustained Megaflop/s in combination with outstanding scalability. Thus very large systems delivering over 5 TFlop/s of performance on the evolution of a single lattice is possible. Large prototypes have been built and are functioning correctly. The software environment raises the state of the art in such custom supercomputers. It is based on a lean custom node operating system that eliminates many unnecessary overheads that plague other systems. Despite the custom nature, the operating system implements a standards compliant UNIX-like programming environment easing the porting of software from other systems. The SciDAC QMP interface adds internode communication in a fashion that provides a uniform cross-platform programming environment. © 2004 Published by Elsevier B.V.