Big Data 2022
Conference paper

NetZeroCO2, an AI framework for accelerated nature-based carbon sequestration

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Nature-based carbon sequestration is currently the most viable solutions to extract CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into carbon. Oceans, soils and forests have the potential to capture and store large amount of carbon for decades. There is an ongoing debate about the permanence of the carbon sequestered by nature-based processes and the precise techniques required to monitor these carbon pools. Remote sensing plays a crucial role in the large scale observations of the Earth surface and provides a scalable method to monitor land use that can affect carbon sequestration. Optical spectral information and radar signals are the best candidates as proxy data to quantify and monitor the change in carbon sequestered. Here we outline the design of an AI enabled framework to monitor, verify, and quantify carbon sequestration in nature-based carbon sequestration processes.