Big Data 2022
Conference paper

Adaptive Aggregation For Federated Learning

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In this paper, we present a new scalable and adaptive architecture for FL aggregation. First, we demonstrate how traditional tree overlay based aggregation techniques (from P2P, publish-subscribe and stream processing research) can help FL aggregation scale, but are ineffective from a resource utilization and cost standpoint. Next, we present the design and implementation of AdaFed, which uses serverless/cloud functions to adaptively scale aggregation in a resource efficient and fault tolerant manner. We describe how AdaFed enables FL aggregation to be dynamically deployed only when necessary, elastically scaled to handle participant joins/leaves and is fault tolerant with minimal effort required on the (aggregation) programmer side. We also demonstrate that our prototype based on Ray [1] scales to thousands of participants, and is able to achieve a > 90% reduction in resource requirements and cost, with minimal impact on aggregation latency.