Hyperfine Interactions

Muonium states in silicon carbide

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Implanted muons in samples of silicon carbide have been observed to form paramagnetic muonium centers (μ+ e-). Muonium precession signals in low applied magnetic fields have been observed at 22 K in a granular sample of cubic β-SiC, however it was not possible to determine the hyperfine frequency. In a single crystal sample of hexagonal 6H-SiC, three apparently isotropic muonium states were observed at 20 K and two at 300 K, all with hyperfine frequencies intermediate between those of the isotropic muonium centers in diamond and silicon. No evidence was seen of an anisotropic muonium state analogous to the Mu* state in diamond and silicon. © 1986 J.C. Baltzer A.G., Scientific Publishing Company.