Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry

Molecular orbital analysis of the XPS spectra of PMDA‐ODA polymide and its polyamic acid precursor

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The calculated carbon 1s (C1s) core energy‐level positions of PMDA‐ODA polymide and of its polyamic acid precursor are compared with the level positions inferred from XPS measurements. For the polyamic acid, calculation and experiment both yield a difference of approximately 1 eV between the carboxylic acid and the amide carbonyl C1s level positions. The difference in shape between the main C1s XPS peaks of the polyamic acid and polyimide is shown to be related to the difference in C1s core energy‐level shifts of the carbon atoms composing the benzene ring adjacent to the amide or imide group. The planar imide or PMDA structure apparently yields larger core level shifts for these atoms. We have previously designated these atoms as “imide carbon atoms” (C‐Im) to distinguish them from the aromatic carbon atoms (C‐C) of the ODA part of the polymeric repeat unit. Comparison of the carbonyl XPS band intensities with the main peak intensities for the polyamic acid, as well as for the polyimide, suggests that there is a carbonyl deficiency at the surface of both of these materials. Copyright © 1986 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.