Journal of Applied Physics

Mesa-top quantum dot single photon emitter arrays: Growth, optical characteristics, and the simulated optical response of integrated dielectric nanoantenna-waveguide systems

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Nanophotonic quantum information processing systems require spatially ordered, spectrally uniform single photon sources (SPSs) integrated on-chip with co-designed light manipulating elements providing emission rate enhancement, emitted photon guidance, and lossless propagation. Towards this goal, we consider systems comprising an SPS array with each SPS coupled to a dielectric building block (DBB) based multifunctional light manipulation unit (LMU). For the SPS array, we report triggered single photon emission from GaAs(001)/InGaAs single quantum dots grown selectively on top of nanomesas using the approach of substrate-encoded size-reducing epitaxy (SESRE). Systematic temperature and power dependent photoluminescence (PL), PL excitation, time-resolved PL, and emission statistics studies reveal high spectral uniformity and single photon emission at 8 K with g(2)(0) of 0.19 ± 0.03. The SESRE based SPS arrays, following growth of a planarizing overlayer, are readily integrable with LMUs fabricated subsequently using either the 2D photonic crystal approach or, as theoretically examined here, DBB based LMUs. We report the simulated optical response of SPS embedded in DBB based nanoantenna-waveguide structures as the multifunctional LMU. The multiple functions of emission rate enhancement, guiding, and lossless propagation are derived from the behavior of the same collective Mie resonance (dominantly magnetic) of the interacting DBB based LMU tuned to the SPS targeted emission wavelength of 980 nm. The simulation utilizes an analytical approach that provides physical insight into the obtained numerical results. Together, the combined experimental and modelling demonstrations open a rich approach to implementing co-designed on-chip integrated SPS-LMUs that, in turn, serve as basic elements of integrated nanophotonic information processing systems.


28 Dec 2016


Journal of Applied Physics