CHI 2020
Conference paper

Introducing Peripheral Awareness as a Neurological State for Human-computer Integration

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In this work we introduce peripheral awareness as a neurological state for real-time human-computer integration, where the human is assisted by a computer to interact with the world. Changes to the field of view in peripheral awareness have been linked with quality of human performance. This instinctive narrowing of vision that occurs as a threat is perceived has implications in activities that benefit from the user having a wide field of view, such as cycling to navigate the environment. We present "Ena", a novel EEG-eBike system that draws from the user's neural activity to determine when the user is in a state of peripheral awareness to regulate engine support. A study with 20 participants revealed various themes and tactics suggesting that peripheral awareness as a neurological state is viable to align human-machine integration with internal bodily processes. Ena suggests that our work facilitates a safe and enjoyable human-computer integration experience.