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Exploring human eBike interaction to support rider autonomy

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eBikes contribute to the future of personal transport while offering physical activity and wellbeing benefits. However, there has been little exploration of the way eBikes interact with humans within the field of humancomputer interaction (HCI). In exploring this opportunity we augmented existing eBike functionality to create "Ava, the eBike", a prototype aiming to support a playful eBike riding experience by supporting the rider's autonomy. We used inherent cycling body movement to playfully interface with the eBike's functionality and fuse the rider's body to Ava's, as a way of harmonising bodily interaction with the eBike in a continuous expression. Through this offering playful bodily interactions while reducing interaction obstacles. Furthermore, we leveraged LEDs and multiple sounds creating a flexible environment in which the rider can choose the emitting sound when accelerating. Our work will contribute to designing playful interactive technology that supports users' autonomy while augmenting their bodily capabilities, and expanding the field of human-eBike interaction. Copyright is held by the owner/author(s).