Materials Science and Engineering B

In-situ X-ray studies of organometallic vapor phase epitaxy growth

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In this paper we present an overview of the use of X-ray measurements to determine the atomic mechanisms of organometallic vapor phase epitaxy (OMVPE). Detailed information about OMVPE processes has been difficult to obtain because of the high pressure, chemically reactive environment present during growth. X-ray scattering measurements using very intense synchrotron X-ray sources have been uniquely productive in determining the structure of surfaces during OMVPE growth. For example, surface smoothness, step ordering, growth modes, growth rates and surface reconstructions have been determined. In addition, X-ray spectroscopy measurements have revealed much about the complicated gas phase behavior in the OMVPE reactor. From these scattering and spectroscopy measurements, a more complete model of OMVPE growth is being developed. © 1995.