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Improved optical activation of ion-implanted Zn acceptors in GaN by annealing under N2 overpressure

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We investigated the properties of ion-implanted GaN:Zn annealed under various conditions using photoluminescence (PL) and high resolution x-ray diffraction (HRXRD). Epitaxial GaN/sapphire of high optical quality was ion-implanted with a 1013 cm-2 dose of Zn+ ions at 200 keV. The sample was capped with 200 Å of SiNx and then diced into numerous pieces which were annealed under varied conditions in an attempt to optically activate the Zn. Annealing was performed in a tube furnace under flowing N2, an atmospheric pressure MOCVD reactor under flowing NH3 or N2, and under an N2 overpressure of 190 atm. The observed improvement in the optical quality of GaN:Zn annealed under N2 overpressure yields further insights into the trade-off between defect annealing and N loss from the GaN crystal.