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IBM 193nm bilayer resist: Materials, lithographic performance and optimization

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193nm lithography will be the future technology for sub-150nm resolution. As the dimensions get smaller, resist thickness is also needed to be reduced for better resolution and wider process window. Single layer 193nm resist, with thickness of less than 500nm, may not be able to satisfy some of the substrate etch requirement. With bilayer resist scheme, the thin resist offers the advantages of high resolution and good process window. The thick underlayer provides the etch resistance required for substrate etching. IBM has developed a silane substituted alternating copolymer based 193nm bilayer resist system and demonstrated sub-120nm resolution using Nikon 0.6NA stepper with Chrome on Glass (COG) mask. Lithographic performance and formulation optimizations of this 193nm bilayer resist as well as underlayer evaluation and some etch study will be discussed. © 2001 SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.