Conference paper

HPF compiler for the IBM SP2


We describe pHPF, an research prototype HPF compiler for the IBM SP series parallel machines. The compiler accepts as input Fortran 90 and Fortran 77 programs, augmented with HPF directives; sequential loops are automatically parallelized. The compiler supports symbolic analysis of expressions. This allows parameters such as the number of processors to be unknown at compile-time without significantly affecting performance. Communication schedules and computation guards are generated in a parameterized form at compile-time. Several novel optimizations and improved versions of well-known optimizations have been implemented in pHPF to exploit parallelism and reduce communication costs. These optimizations include elimination of redundant communication using data-availability analysis; using collective communication; new techniques for mapping scalar variables; coarse-grain wavefronting; and communication reduction in multi-dimensional shift communications. We present experimental results for some well-known benchmark routines. The results show the effectiveness of the compiler in generating efficient code for HPF programs.