Fully depleted nanowire field-effect transistor in inversion mode

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Fully depleted lateral n-channel MOSFET were fabricated with intrinsic nanowires (NW) grown by the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth mechanisms. The NW were dispersed in ethanol after brief ultrasonication and filtrated through a 3-μ membrane filter to remove particulate material. The use of the silane with multiple amino functionalities improved the yield of aligned NWs over that obtained by using silanes with monoamino groups. Strong inversion and clear saturation currents were observed in FET from intrinsic NWs with P-implanted source/drain regions while NWFETs with Schottky contacts only operate in accumulation mode. The analysis revealed strong influence of the electrostatics on the transport properties and extracted values. NWFETs operating in inversion mode allowed the probing of the influence of surface scattering on the FET characteristics with higher fidelity than NW devices working in the accumulation/depletion mode.