IEEE Electron Device Letters

Enhanced performance in epitaxial graphene FETs with optimized channel morphology

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This letter reports the impact of surface morphology on the carrier transport and radio-frequency performance of graphene FETs formed on epitaxial graphene synthesized on SiC substrates. Such graphene exhibits long terrace structures with widths between 3-5 μm and steps of 10 ± 2 nm in height. While a carrier mobility value above 3000 cm2/V ċ s at a carrier density of 1012 cm-2 is obtained in a single graphene terrace, the step edges can result in a step resistance of ∼ 21 kΩ ċ μm. By orienting the transistor layout so that the entire channel lies within a single graphene terrace and by reducing the access resistance associated with the ungated part of the channel, a cutoff frequency above 200 GHz is achieved for graphene FETs with channel lengths of 210 nm, i.e., the highest value reported on epitaxial graphene thus far. © 2011 IEEE.