ECTC 2013
Conference paper

Enhanced multilayer organic packages with embedded phased-array antennas for 60-GHz wireless communications

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A low-cost, fully-integrated antenna-in-package (AiP) solution for 60-GHz phased-array systems is demonstrated. Sixteen patch antennas are integrated into a multilayer organic (MLO) ball grid array (BGA) together with a flip-chip attached transmitter or receiver IC. Compared to the previous 60-GHz package design, the enhanced 24 mm × 24 mm package not only reduces the footprint area by 27%, but it also eliminates the open IC cavity which improves the package yield and assembly significantly. Printed circuit board processes are used in manufacturing with a combination of liquid-crystal polymer and glass-reinforced laminates, allowing excellent 60-GHz interconnect and antenna performance. The average simulated return loss and gain of each antenna from 58 to 64 GHz are ∼10 dB and ∼6 dBi, respectively. The effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) is measured as a function of the 16 functional antennas, demonstrating spatial power combining up to 34 dBm. © 2013 IEEE.