Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications (JETTA)

Electron Beam Probing - A Solution for MCM Test and Failure Analysis

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Electron beam probing is applied for test and analysis of miniaturised MCM structures. Wiring structures are tested for shorts and opens while fully assembled MCMs are analysed in order to identify process or design problems [1, 2]. An electron beam short/open tester for laminated substrates has been developed and installed. It allows the test of substrates up to a size of 300 × 300 mm2 with a spot size of below 30 μm without mechanical movement. The system is automated for routine application in the fabrication line. Electron beam probe stations are common tools for design verification and debugging of integrated circuits. This type of system was adapted to MCM requirements. The travel range was extended to 80 × 100 mm2 to allow for waveform measurements and diagnostics.