3DIC 2009
Conference paper

Electrical-thermal co-analysis for power delivery networks in 3D system integration

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In this paper, an electrical-thermal co-analysis method for power delivery networks in 3D system integration is proposed. For electrical analysis, temperature-dependent electrical resistivity of conductors is taken into account. For thermal analysis, Joule heating effect due to the current flowing through conductors is considered. The proposed co-analysis method is carried out using Rgen and ChipJoule of IBM EIP Tool Suite. An example of 3D integration system including stacked chips, power delivery network, glass-ceramic substrate, through-silicon vias, controlled collapse chip connections (C4s), underfill material, and TIM is analyzed using the proposed method. The simulation results show that the temperature effect on IR drop can not be neglected. The error of not considering thermal effect on IR drop is about 20% in the example. © 2009 IEEE.