EDBT 2011
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Efficient Reverse Skyline retrieval with arbitrary non-metric similarity measures

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A Reverse Skyline query returns all objects whose skyline contains the query object. In this paper, we consider Reverse Skyline query processing where the distance between attribute values are not necessarily metric. We outline real world cases that motivate Reverse Skyline processing in such scenarios. We consider various optimizations to develop efficient algorithms for Reverse Skyline processing. Firstly, we consider block-based processing of objects to optimize on IO costs. We then explore pre-processing to re-arrange objects on disk to speed-up computational and IO costs. We then present our main contribution, which is a method of using group-level reasoning and early pruning to micro-optimize processing by reducing attribute level comparisons. An extensive empirical evaluation with real-world datasets and synthetic data of varying characteristics shows that our optimization techniques are indeed very effective in dramatically speeding Reverse Skyline processing, both in terms of computational costs and IO costs.


22 Mar 2011


EDBT 2011