Big Data 2021
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Asset Modeling using Serverless Computing

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Assets in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) generate time-series data such as sensor readings and alerts. In addition, the assets have associated static data such as the make, model and other manufacturing information. The sensors in the asset components may have implicit relationships with each other, which are not interpretable without domain knowledge. Many problems exist which involve computation of relationships between sensors or subsystems in the asset components. Typically, the number of sensors in a real world asset may range anywhere from tens to thousands of sensors - and in this case, finding relationships between them becomes a highly computationally intensive task. In this paper, we study one such problem of anomaly detection in industrial data based on the functioning of the sensors and their interrelationships in both normal and abnormal conditions. We further demonstrate the issue of run-time and performance complexity in this problem, and present a speed-up strategy using Serverless Computing for parallelization, and demonstrate the usefulness of this method by comparing the speed-up achieved.