IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits

Design of sub-90 nm low-power and variation tolerant PD/SOI SRAM cell based on dynamic stability metrics

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In this paper we have studied the impacts of floating body effect, device leakage, and gate oxide tunneling leakage on the read and write-ability of a PD/SOI CMOS SRAM cell under Vt, L and W variations in sub-100 nm technology for the first time. The floating body effect is shown to degrade the read stability while improving the write-ability. On the other hand, the gate-to-body tunneling current improves the read stability while degrading the write-ability. It is also shown that the use of high-Vt and thick oxide cell transistors can improve leakage, read and write-ability without causing significant performance degradation. The test-chip is fabricated in sub-90 nm SOI technology to show the effectiveness of high-Vt and thick-oxide devices in improving stability of SRAM cells. © 2006 IEEE.