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Design considerations for PD/SOI SRAM: Impact of gate leakage and threshold voltage variation

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We present a critical study of the impact of gate tunneling currents on the yield of 65-nm partially depleted/silicon-on-insulator (PD/SOI) SRAM designs. A new gate leakage monitor structure is developed to obtain device-specific gate leakage characteristics of the SRAM cells. This allows us to explore the design space accurately with reliable process information at an early stage. By relying on supply voltage-dependent analysis, it is shown that the gate-leakage impact on the cell yield can be nonmonotonic and substantial even for nondefective devices. It is also shown that design optimizations such as increased operating voltages or shorter hierarchical bitline architecture can help alleviate the gate-leakage impact on yield. Mixture importance sampling is used to estimate yield in terms of cell writability and stability. Threshold voltage variations to model random fluctuation effects are extrapolated from hardware results. © 2008 IEEE.