IITC 2018
Conference paper

Challenges and Progress on Carbon Nanotube Integration for BEOL Interconnects

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Here, we review and present current challenges and progress on Carbon Nanotube Integration for BEOL Interconnects as well as our recent results. Amongst all the research on carbon nanotube interconnects, those discussed here cover 1) improvement of the variability of SWCNTs for local interconnects 2) process growth of carbon nanotube interconnects compatible with BEOL integration and formation of CNT-copper-composites, 3) modeling and simulation from atomistic to circuit-level benchmarking and performance prediction, and 4) characterization and electrical measurements. The aim is to evaluate the use of CNT-based materials for future metallization, both in regards to manufacturability, i.e. CMOS compatibility and wafer-scale integration as well as realistic performance expectations, i.e. variability and defectivity.