IEEE International SOI Conference 2004
Conference paper

Body voltage and history effect sensitivity to key device parameters in 90nm PD-SOI

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Body voltage (Vb) control in partially-depleted Silicon-on-Insulator (PD-SOI) is one of the critical technology parameters to achieve high performance devices. The Floating Body Effect (FBE) introduces a history dependency in AC operation mode as well as an increase in drain-induced-barrier-lowering (DIBL) in DC mode. Gate oxide scaling significantly increases this history due to the exponential increase in gate oxide tunneling current on thickness reduction [1]. In this paper, the sensitivity of key device parameters on the history effect is evaluated on a 90nm device node. We demonstrate that the control of the diode current between body and source and drain is one of the most sensitive and promising techniques to reducing the history effect as well as increasing the DC device performance. © 2004 IEEE.