MM 2011
Conference paper

ACM international workshop on social and behavioral networked media access (SBNMA'11)

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In an endeavour to speak and prevail over some of the open problems that obstruct efficient networked media, this workshop will fetch together folks from a number of research communities, including but not limited to Multimedia Distribution and Access, Social Network Analysis, Multimedia Content Analysis, Behavioral Analysis, User Modelling Adaptation and Personalization. It is our credence that a synergetic approach involving the above mentioned research areas can surpass their individual potentials, leading to improved networked media access. The main objective of this workshop is to provide a forum to disseminate work that explicitly exploit the synergy between multimedia content analysis, behavioral modelling, personalisation, and next generation networking and community aspects of social networks. This synergetic methodology could produce high quality of experience for personalized multimedia access in networking environment. © 2011 ACM.