ICDT 2012
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A normal form for preventing redundant tuples in relational databases

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We introduce a new normal form, called essential tuple normal form (ETNF), for relations in a relational database where the constraints are given by functional dependencies and join dependencies. ETNF lies strictly between fourth normal form and fifth normal form (5NF, also known as projection-join normal form). We show that ETNF, although strictly weaker than 5NF, is exactly as effective as 5NF in eliminating redundancy of tuples. Our definition of ETNF is semantic, in that it is defined in terms of tuple redundancy. We give a syntactic characterization of ETNF, which says that a relation schema is in ETNF if and only if it is in Boyce-Codd normal form and some component of every explicitly declared join dependency of the schema is a superkey. Copyright 2012 ACM.


23 Jul 2012


ICDT 2012