RFIC 2016
Conference paper

A 60GHz packaged switched beam 32nm CMOS TRX with broad spatial coverage, 17.1dBm peak EIRP, 6.1dB NF at < 250mW

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A low power, small form-factor, 60-GHz radio with beam switching capability is presented. The 3mm×3mm radio IC in 32nm SOI CMOS includes the TX and RX RF front ends, mixers, basebands, PLL and LO chains. The package comprises 2 TX antennas and 2 RX antennas producing low directivity beams in two orthogonal directions to maximize spatial coverage, with an achieved angular coverage of 254°. In board level measurements of the half duplex packaged radio, 17.1dBm EIRP and 6.1dB noise figure are achieved, with power consumption below 250mW.